COMMON MODE CHOKE COILS  [SMD Common Mode Choke Coils for High Speed Differential Signal Lines]


Status Discontinued
No. of Lines 2
Common Mode Impedance 160 Ω typ at 100MHz
Common Mode Impedance (min) 120 Ω at 100MHz
Case Size (EIA/JIS) 0504/1210
Cutoff Frequency (typ) 3.0 GHz
DC Resistance (max) 0.6 Ω
Rated Current (max) 0.26 A
Rated Voltage (max) 20 V
Operating Temp. Range -40 to +125 ℃
(Including-self-generated heat)
Insulation Resistance (min) 100 MΩ
Dimension A 1.2 ±0.2 mm
Dimension B 1.0 ±0.2 mm
Dimension C Max 0.9 mm
RoHS Compliance (10 subst.) Yes
Soldering Reflow
Standard Quantity Taping Embossed 3000pcs



CM01 Series is Wire-wound Structured Type Commom Mode Choke Coil which provides
highly effective noise suppression characteristics without distorting the wave pattern of
High-speed Differential Signal interface.

Developed 1210 case-size by utilizing our wire-wound technologies. This small and
wire-wound structured product has little transmission loss and keeps high common
impedance up to GHz range.

Main Applications

Radiated noise suppression in the High-speed Diffrential Signal interfaces
[HDMI, Serial-ATA, IEEE1394, LVDS, and USB2.0] of LCD-TV, Blu-ray players, and PCs

Countermeasure for degradation of receiver sensitivity caused by high frequency noise
from high-speed differential signal of Cellular phones, Data Cards and Smartphones

Common mode noise suppression raised from the power line and audio signal in a small



Simulation data



RoHS and REACH Certificate of Compliance

Characteristic value graphs

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