EMI SUPPRESSION FILTERS  [Multilayer EMI Suppression Filters (T series)]


Status Mass Production (Preferred)
Case Size (EIA/JIS) 0805/2125
Cutoff Frequency 200 MHz ±40 MHz
DC Resistance (max) 2 Ω
Rated Current (max) 0.1 A
Rated Voltage 10 Vdc
Insertion Loss (max) 1.0 dB at 1MHz
Attenuation1 (min) 20 dB at 350MHz
Attenuation2 (min) 20 dB at 500MHz
Operating Temp. Range -25 to +85 ℃
Insulation Resistance (min) 30 MΩ
Dimension L 2.0 ±0.2 mm
Dimension W 1.25 ±0.2 mm
Dimension T 1.0 ±0.2 mm
Dimension e1 0.3 ±0.2 mm
Dimension e2 0.4 ±0.2 mm
RoHS Compliance (10 subst.) Yes
REACH Compliance (205 subst.) Yes
IEC62474 (Ver. D19.00) Compliance Yes
Halogen Free Yes
Soldering Reflow
Standard Quantity Taping Embossed 3000pcs



2×1.25mm size EMI filter unifying multilayer capacitor and inductor T series with
rapid attenuation characteristics and TZ series with effective maintaining of waveform
quality of digital signal are lined up.

Same shape as multilayer capacitor which is suitable for high speed mounting
by automatic machine


Noise countermeasure in visual signal such as DVD, DSC, PDP, etc. (T series)



Simulation data


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