INDUCTORS  [Multilayer Chip Inductors for High Frequency Applications (HK series)]


Status Mass Production (Preferred)
Inductance 0.1 uH ± 5 %
Case Size (EIA/JIS) 0603/1608
Rated Current (max) 0.3 A
DC Resistance (max) 1 Ω
DC Resistance (typ) 0.65 Ω
Q (min) 12
Q (typ) 18
LQ Measuring Frequency 100 MHz
Self Resonant Frequency (min) 600 MHz
Self Resonant Frequency (typ) 1000 MHz
Operating Temp. Range -40 to +85 ℃
Dimension L 1.6 ±0.15 mm
Dimension W 0.8 ±0.15 mm
Dimension T 0.8 ±0.15 mm
Dimension e 0.3 ±0.2 mm
RoHS Compliance (10 subst.) Yes
REACH Compliance (205 subst.) Yes
IEC62474 (Ver. D19.00) Compliance Yes
Halogen Free Yes
Soldering Reflow/Wave
Standard Quantity Taping Paper 4000pcs


To Higher Specification

Narrow Tol. Lo-Ind.


Multilayer inductor made of advanced ceramics with low-resistivity
silver used as internal conductors provides excellent Q and SRF characteristics

Designed to address surface mount inductor needs for applications above 100MHz

Multilayer block structure ensures outstanding reliability, high productivity and
product quality


Portable telephones, PHS and W-LAN

Miscellaneous high-frequency circuits

EMI countermeasure in high-frequency circuits



Simulation data


Please refer for the inductance tolerance except the above.
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