POWER STORAGE DEVICES  [Cylinder Type Lithium Ion Capacitor(Low Resistance Type)[RS series]]


Status Non-preferred
Nominal Capacitance 20 F
Upper limit voltage1 3.8 V (at -30 to +70 ℃)
Lower limit voltage1 2.2 V (at -30 to +70 ℃)
Upper limit voltage2 3.5 V (at -30 to +85 ℃)
Lower limit voltage2 2.5 V (at -30 to +85 ℃)
Initial DCR 0.25 Ω max
Initial Capacitance 20 F ±15%
Temp. Char. :
___Lowest Temp
-30 ℃
Temp. Char. :
___Lowest Temp (Capacitance)
10.2 F min
Temp. Char. :
___Lowest Temp (Internal R)
4000 mΩ max
Temp. Char. :
___Highest Temp1
70 ℃
Temp. Char. :
___Highest Temp1 (Capacitance)
Within initial spec.
Temp. Char. :
___Highest Temp1 (Internal R)
Within initial spec.
Temp. Char. :
___Highest Temp2
85 ℃
Temp. Char. :
___Highest Temp2 (Capacitance)
Within initial spec.
※Charging voltage is 3.5V when above 70℃
Temp. Char. :
___Highest Temp2 (Internal R)
Within initial spec.
※Charging voltage is 3.5V when above 70℃
Operating Temp. Range1 -30 to +70 ℃
Operating Temp. Range2 -30 to +85 ℃
Dimension D φ10.0 ±0.5 mm
Dimension L 30.0 ±2.0 mm
Dimension d Typ φ0.6 mm
Dimension P 5.0 ±0.5 mm
RoHS Compliance (10 subst.) Yes
REACH Compliance (240 subst.) Yes
IEC62474 (Ver. D28.00) Compliance Yes
Halogen Free Yes
Soldering Manual



Lithium Ion Capacitor is one of the Hybrid Capacitors to which the reaction of EDLC
and that of lithium-ion battery are adopted.

Lithium Ion Capacitor applies the reaction of lithium-ion battery with anode,
therefore it has extremely large capacitance. (about twice as large as conventional EDLC)

The technique of doping lithium-ions to the anode previously (predoping) makes a cell
voltage of 3.8V attainable.

In spite of a high output voltage, damages to the electrodes can be repressed because of
low electrode's potential due to pre-doping technique.
Therefore Lithium Ion Capacitor shows excellent performance of cycle life.

Lithium Ion Capacitor is environmentally friendly power source,
which does not contain any heavy metals such as Cd, Hg and Pb. (RoHS compliant)

Lithium-ion capacitors by design have a certain voltage at the time of shipment.
In line with this, proper handling and care is necessary in regards to circuit design,
handling and use of this product. For safe and proper use of these products,
please refer to the ‘User Manual’ link at the bottom of this page.
Regarding the purchase of these products,
please contact Taiyo Yuden via the ‘Inquiry’ link at the bottom of this page.

Main Applications

Storage power source combined with solar cell, fuel cell, generator, and so on

Main power source for small devices (machine tools, measuring equipments,
toys, and so on)

Load charge leveling (life lengthening of main power source such as dry battery,
Lithium primary battery)



Simulation data



RoHS and REACH Certificate of Compliance

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