POWER STORAGE DEVICES  [Cylinder Type Electric Double-Layer Capacitor[RSELP]]


Status Non-preferred
Nominal Capacitance 10 F
Upper limit voltage1 2.7 V (at -40 to +70 ℃)
Upper limit voltage2 2.3 V (at -40 to +85 ℃)
Initial ESR [1KHz] 45 mΩ max
Initial Capacitance 10 F ±20%
Temp. Char. :
___Lowest Temp
-40 ℃
Temp. Char. :
___Lowest Temp (Capacitance)
Over 85% of initial spec.
Temp. Char. :
___Lowest Temp (Internal R)
Within 6 times of initial spec.
Temp. Char. :
___Highest Temp1
70 ℃
Temp. Char. :
___Highest Temp1 (Capacitance)
Within initial spec.
Temp. Char. :
___Highest Temp1 (Internal R)
Within initial spec.
Temp. Char. :
___Highest Temp2
85 ℃
Temp. Char. :
___Highest Temp2 (Capacitance)
Over 90% of initial spec.
Temp. Char. :
___Highest Temp2 (Internal R)
Within initial spec.
Operating Temp. Range1 -40 to +70 ℃
Operating Temp. Range2 -40 to +85 ℃
Dimension D φ12.5 ±0.5 mm
Dimension L 20.0 ±2.0 mm
Dimension d Typ φ0.6 mm
Dimension P 5.0 ±0.5 mm
RoHS Compliance (10 subst.) Yes
REACH Compliance (240 subst.) Yes
IEC62474 (Ver. D28.00) Compliance Yes
Halogen Free Yes
Soldering Wave



High reliability at higher temperature

Operating temperature is wide. -40℃~+85℃

Electric double layer capacitor is environmentally friendly power source, which does not contain any heavy
metals such as Cd,Hg and Pb
(RoHS compliant)

Main Applications

Back-up power source for CPU, microcomputer, and flash memory writing when
shutting off the power

Load change leveling (life lengthening of main power source such as dry battery,
Lithium primary battery)

Power source storage combined with solar cell, fuel cell, generator, and so on

Main power source for small devices(Measuring equipments, toys and so on)



Simulation data



RoHS and REACH Certificate of Compliance

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