MULTILAYER CERAMIC DEVICES  [Multilayer Ceramic Devices (Diplexers)]


Status Mass Production (Preferred)
System Bluetooth/W-LAN
Frequency1 Low band
Passband Frequency1 (f1) 1558 to 1610/2400 to 2500 MHz
Insertion Loss2 (max)(in f1) 0.5 dB at 1558 to 1610MHz (-40 to +85 ℃)
Insertion Loss4 (max)(in f1) 0.6 dB at 2400 to 2500MHz (-40 to +85 ℃)
VSWR1 (max)(in f1) 2 at 1558 to 1610MHz
VSWR2 (max)(in f1) 2 at 2400 to 2500MHz
Attenuation1 (min)(f1) 24 dB at 4800 to 4900MHz
Attenuation2 (min)(f1) 26 dB at 4900 to 6000MHz
Frequency2 High band
Passband Frequency2 (f2) 4900 to 5950 MHz
Insertion Loss2 (max)(in f2) 0.8 dB at 4900 to 5950MHz (-40 to +85 ℃)
VSWR1 (max)(in f2) 2 at 4900 to 5950MHz
Attenuation1 (min)(f2) 32 dB at 30 to 2700MHz
Input Impedance 50 Ω
Output Impedance 50 Ω
Dimension L 1.6 ±0.10 mm
Dimension W 0.8 ±0.10 mm
Dimension T Max 0.65 mm
Operating Temp. Range -40 to +85 ℃
RoHS Compliance (10 subst.) Yes
REACH Compliance (223 subst.) Yes
IEC62474 (Ver. D24.00) Compliance Yes
Halogen Free Yes
Soldering Reflow
Standard Quantity Taping Paper 5000pcs



Compact and Low-profile

Low loss and high attenuation

Stable temperature characteristics



Simulation data



RoHS and REACH Certificate of Compliance

Characteristic value graphs

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